Dyer Still ‘Hungary’ After All These Years

Dyer Still ‘Hungary’ After All These Years

Dyer has established a new office in Budapest to support our increasing architectural activity both internationally and in the UK. Dyer identified a number of years ago that Hungary produced a significant number of very talented architects with a full range of skills who were extremely literate three dimensional computer skills and conversant with BIM.

Principal Architect’s, Balazs Domokos and Dyer’s Tamas Deilinger studied together in Budapest during 2000 and 2006 and shared a design philosophy and working ethos compatible with that of Dyer and have designed a number of our prestigious projects and international design competitions in Russia. As a mark of commitment to this new venture Tamas has joined Balazs to help manage and grow the Budapest office and is extremely excited about the proposition. He has set himself a challenging agenda.

Balazs considers:
“That invention and the innovative way of thinking is very important, to find out how we can give more, better or different than our completion is essential. Architecture is evolving fast – to contribute with fresh minds and experienced people will achieve our goals”.

Balazs quotes Dennis Gabor the Hungarian/British Electrical Engineer and Physicist Nobel Prize Winner in Physics for inventing Holography:
“The future cannot be predicted, but future can be invented”.

Dyer Budapest competitive cost base and unique technological capabilities equips Dyer to take on the current fierce competition and allows us to compete with the very best architectural practices. The Dyer Directors consider this venture an essential component of their short and long term survival strategy.