Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The basics of the BIM modeling is not an invention of nowadays. Since softwares are

suitable for building 3D models in a effective way, Dyer utilises that capability because this way the presented plans has the least difference from realised building that can be

achieved today. DYER LOD – BIM level of development system at Dyer basically follows the international trends.


We view sustainable development as a journey rather than a single event. Our approach is to understand the route map so that in dealing with today’s agenda we take into account what the future may bring. We will not take our clients anywhere we haven’t travelled and we ensure that pioneering techniques and technologies have been thoroughly tested before putting them forward on projects.

Our project Queen Margaret University has an ‚excellent’ BREEAM rating.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new age technology, which gives experience of any early conceptual massing or finished exterior envelope or masterplan. Any development can be viewed in 360 angle just by scanning 2D plans, images on your smart phones or tablets.

Virtual Reality

Dyer have invested in new technologies to deliver the most life like Client experience to date in the architectural visualization world. Our virtual models can be viewed with mobile applications and various VR head gears. This technology makes you feel a virtual realistic view of that model. Dyer aim to polish this new visualization tool even further in order to create a compelling VR experience accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Parametric modeling

Parametric modeling tools allow us to create generative, algorythm based advanced surfaces that can be dynamically modified in any stage of the
design process. This approach also enables the implementing of fully or semi-automated design constraints, attractor-based detailing, ready-to-manufacture geometry and so much more.
Contemporary architecture is constantly moving towards futuristic, efficient and stunning forms, which is becoming more and more supported by modern construction solutions and building materials … and of course by parametric design tools.

Architectural Animation

Dyer creates in-house 3D animated walkthroughs or flythroughs of all types of projects, showcasing various perspectives and covering all our Client’s specifications to the very last detail.


Dyer can showcase your projects in 360-degree view. Let it be an interior or exterior space 360-degree views give a much better understanding of our design proposals than static renderings.

Printed materials

Dyer can edit the required project information quickly to a very high standard for our Client’s intended audience, let it be promotional use, or sales brochures, our Clients will receive the best hard printed quality materials. Our professional magazine templates can be used for any project while we specifically develop layouts for architectural presentations. This will help our Clients to enhance their company profile to portray their message in a way that will captivate the right audience.