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  • MOSKVA Department Store

MOSKVA Department Store

50.000 sqm



Conceptual Ideas Competition

Dyer was honoured to deliver a concept design proposal for the redevelopment of a historic department store called Moskva in the centre of Moscow. The potential of the development is exceptional due to the large catchment population and excellent visibility of the site. The final concept will cover over 50,000 m2 of lettable retail space with superb entertainment, dining, leisure and parking facilities. Architectural solution and expressiveness are intended to add a memorable and distinctive appearance to the project, what will contribute and enrich the urban landscape of the city.

Our goal is to develop unique solutions, by understanding the needs and expectations of the perspective customers. Therefore, we create commercially successful and aesthetically attractive architecture. The site is located in Moscow, on Leninsky Avenue, in a highly visible, central location. The site area is about 1,43 ha. People are inspired by exciting architecture and three-dimensional space changes their perception of themselves, their social behaviour and their instant psychological environment. We have to accept the responsibility that commercial projects need to take on educational roles in today’s societies.

It is expected fast become a future icon for the city. Moskva Department store is a grand gesture of a building and a testament to the vision and courage of client and design team alike. if this building has a hallmark, it is in the design team’s approach of uncompromisingly pushing what can be done one step further. The final design proposal is a well-coordinated but flexible building. Moskva Department store will transform the appearance of Moscow’s retail scene and will provide an experience that will redefine department store shopping.

The goal of the concept was to create a unique, logically planned and commercially effective department store. The inspiration for the design was drawn from the elegant movement of a silk scarf dancing in the air. This scarf suddenly escapes a beautiful lady’s shoulders and while the scarf twists and twirls in the air it catches our building and gently wraps itself around it. Retail tenants’ location, atrium and vertical circulation space are well balanced within the entire centre. The atriums provide vertical connection between all levels.

Overall, the furniture centre layout is easily understood by its visitors. Excellent location and great visibility of all the tenants will guarantee an even customer flow to all parts and zones. The scheme combines major high-street brands, prominent international retailers and local independent operators in a dramatic shopping environment, which draws inspiration from its unique setting, and urban style living.