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  • Zhukovskiy Towers
  • Zhukovskiy Towers
  • Zhukovskiy Towers
  • Zhukovskiy Towers

Zhukovskiy Towers

100.000 sqm



This project is multi-residential complex, which includes in addition to housing and the adjacent courtyard, offices, retail area with an underground shopping gallery, a small movie theatre, restaurants, public park. The planned multi-residential complex is located in the central part of the town of Zhukovsky, in the area bounded by streets Mayakovsky, Soviet and Gorky. Zastraevaemy plot focuses on an axis along the boulevard street Mayakovsky, which suggests an elongated symmetrical composition for the scheme.

Phasing was required for this project; therefore we established two stages of construction. The first phase of construction is a complex of buildings, consisting of non-residential portion of the 20m maximum height, as well as residential towers forming a separate entity with recreational areas, playgrounds, and park, landscape elements. The height of the towers was fixed not to be more than 75m.

The concept design of the exterior envelope of the side towers is based on the principle of positive and negative zones and opaque glass elements. In the office towers that requirement was to provide maximum lighting, therefore the number of opaque elements are kept to minimum. For residential towers, the desire for more closed, private composition led us to a inverted façade design compared to the office tower.

In general, the non-residential part of the complex is characterized by the inclusion in retail and business character of the territory of the various elements, making immediate, social and dynamic atmosphere: this is how the various cafes and restaurants, a cinema and gallery, as well as multi-bookstore, which also can be used as café and a library were ideally located in this part.

The second phase of construction is a complex structure consisting of underground galleries, joined with non-residential part of the first phase by the atrium and panoramic elevators, as well as aboveground shopping pavilions and creative studios in the public square Boulevard.

It is expected that after the completion of the second phase of construction, underground and aboveground parts of both phase of the complex will form a single unit, both spatially and in functional sense.

Parking is located on level -2, divided into residential and costumer parking, each of them provided with separate ramps for entry and exit, which implies a clear division of functional flows within the complex.