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Sphera Mall

83.000 sqm



SEC Sfera Mall will be located in the Obukhovo district 24 km from the MKAD on the first line of Gorkovskoe Highway – one of the most intensive transport thoroughfares of the Moscow Region. The traffic of this federal route is estimated at 70,000 – 100,000 autos per day. The SEC opening is scheduled for Q3, 2014. The catchment area of the SEC Sfera Mall is more than 800,000 people, including the population of such large towns of the Moscow Region as Balashikha, Elektrostal’ and Noginsk.

The total area of the SEC Sfera Mall is 82,000 sq m and gross leasable area (GLA) is 60,000 sq m. The project will comprise such anchor tenants as a sports goods hypermarket, a supermarket and a children goods store, as well as a cinema multiplex will be in the project. The major international and federal retail operators will form the retail gallery of the SEC.

The parking for 2,300 lots is stipulated for the comfort of the future customers. The leading consulting company Colliers International is the consultant of the project. The architectural concept of the SEC Sfera Mall has been developed by Dyer architects. Following the pattern of the modern European shopping centres SEC Sfera Mall will become the popular, recognizable and comfortable place for the family rest.

In general, for outer-city retail mall developments affordability is a key factor. But for architects to combine a cost effective construction with expressive and welcoming design is a challenge. Our conceptual design methodology in this case had to be based on simple massing with a clear and recognizable vision.

When defining the overall design principles for Sphera Mall, we selected the most appropriate straightforward approach… honesty. We wanted to create a welcoming design, which will quickly be identified as a family friendly destination.

“Honest” design is what we call when a building is not trying too hard to impress, it simply delivers a clear message, easily recognizable, affordable, purpose built and provides the exact quality, which is required by its audience. It is a combined feeling of satisfaction, which we believe is the key factor in successful retail.

Through our analysis of the building site, we decided to try to bring some joy into the lives of the local residents of this area. We found that this environment is lacking some colorful and bright buildings. Everything seemed slightly grey; therefore an accent was made on the color scheme of our facades.  Bright red colors highlighting the main entrances are easily recognizable from far, while the front façade’s colonnade frame is finished in limestone effect cladding. The beige tone stands for quality, while the remaining elevations of retail are still provided with a cheerful pattern of common sandwhicpanels.

The world-famous hypermarket network AUCHAN, having leased 17,000 sq m, has already become the main anchor tenant in Sfera Mall. This hypermarket will be one of the largest stores of the network that located outside the MKAD in the Moscow Region.

Alexander Borzov, General Director of Tekhnoservice Company, the developer of Sfera Mall project:
“It is the first project for our company, that’s why we have chosen the professional consulting, architectural and design companies for the realization of a really successful SEC. We don’t hesitate that Sfera Mall will become a landmark project and notable event in the retail property market”.

Mikhail Sverdlov, Director of the Agency Group of the Retail Property Department:
“SEC Sfera Mall is a vivid example of the development of the new trade corridor in the Moscow Region and construction of the large objects in the radius of 20-50 km from MKAD. Sfera Mall will cover the whole clus ter of towns, and their citizens will not need to go to Moscow for shopping. Today we have already seen the increasing interest of the federal and international retailers to the project. And it is proven by Auchan leasing contract signed 1.5 year before the shopping centre opening.”